FRANCISCAN HUMANISM                                                 


After two years of study focusing on the origins and foundations of Christianity, the third year of study is spent developing a Franciscan humanist worldview in the light of faith and reason.

This course will introduce students to a theological approach to understanding God through a study of the relationship between God and humanity.  This portion of the course will give special attention to matters such as our creation in the image of God (“imago Dei”), the gift of free will, the presence of evil in the world, the understanding of Christ as our model and moral norm, the nature of salvation through the Paschal Mystery, and the overwhelming presence of God’s grace in the Sacraments. 

This course will also encourage students as faithful keepers of a Franciscan tradition, both intellectually and spiritually.  This section of the course will hold up Saints Francis and Claire as models of a genuine Christian spirituality.  Students will examine the life, times, writings, and ministry of Saint Francis and central figures in the Franciscan spiritual and intellectual tradition.

Likewise, students will also reflect on the mission and ministry of a Franciscan charism.  Derived from Saint Francis’s understanding of humanity and the human-God relationship, this course will provide students with a uniquely Franciscan approach to better understanding their faith in Christ Jesus.